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We know we've been lying low and all in 2017 but that doesn't mean we're not paying attention. We've updated the page including the ever lovin' mail bag! Go take a look. Now!

Oh, also...Hold on one second...(what's that...the beers are here...oh...ok...be right there).

Listen, gotta run. Um, our kitchen's on fire...Later.

So, The Guys got together for a conference and all hell broke loose. No, not with The Guys, they're too old for that crap, with the Death Watch. While the guys were eating chicken wings, drinking beer and watching (streaming) videos (movies), Jimmy Snuka (Superfly) up and died (Croaked). First hit of the year...and a late one at that. Furthermore, during the conference (streaming movie drinkfest), The Guys got the annual, obligatory email that they didn't post a list that was mailed in on time. Sure enough, The Dirty Death List was correct: List was submitted, Guys blew it.

Quick defense. From December 25 to January 2: 148 lists, 10 days (coming off New Years in a secret, "unconnected" location with lots of beer and Nintendo Wii Golf), tons of snacks and over 100 beers. Well, one of those numbers might be a tiny exaggeration…only tiny though.

Regardless, we were away from the TRS 80 supercomputer for a week at the end of December and then again immediately after January 10. So, we messed up an entry and finally got around to fixing it some seven days late. The page (including Snuka and correcting our screw-up) is updated. All we have left is to update the Mailbag and the News page. Hoping that we can do that this weekend, six-pack permitting.

The game is afoot (which is weird, because it's more like a heart...a failing, harldy beating heart). Tally-ho!

The 2017 Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch is live. Yup, we're posted. What does that mean to you?

Well, first off you need to make sure your list is posted. Check your list. Make sure that it matches what you sent us. Please keep in mind that many of you had your Alternate exercised. Also note that a few of you lost picks because more than one pick died between submittal and January 1 and you are only allowed one Alternate. Finally, a couple of you submitted lists that were short picks. Where picks are missing you will see this “---------------“

Second, if you see any errors, shoot us an email and we will investigate.

Third, if your list contains the dreaded ***Not a Celebrity*** don't even think about trying to convince us how famous you think that pick was and why we should have left them on your list. Instead, take a look at the Ronnie Hawkins Requirement in the Rules.

Fourth, if you haven't donated to the 2017 OBE, do a little soul searching and then do what you know is right. Click that donate button on the main page of the website or drop a donation in the mail.

Fifth, check out the Statistics page. It always provides a nice breakdown of the key information for the Death Watch. Not to mention, completing it provides us with a chance to drink beer.

Finally, note that the winners of the 2016 OBE (barring any crazy announcements between now and midnight) are:

FIRST - Beat the Odds (6,8) --->$400
SECOND - Am I Dead Yet? (5,15)--->$200
THIRD - Children of the Roaring 20s (5,14)--->$100

We'll be in touch with these folks in a day or two for payment.

Buckle up folks, here comes year 20!!!

We have received 147 entries for the 2017 Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch. We suspect this will be it for 2017, so we're starting to build the website. As always, we anticipate a Jan 10 launch. At that time, we will officially announce the 2016 winners. As it currently stands, it appears the winners will be:

FIRST - Beat the Odds (6,8) ---->$400
SECOND - Am I Dead Yet? (5,15)---->$200
THIRD - Children of the Roaring 20s (5,14)---->$100

To-date, we have received 59 player donations (less than half of all people playing). We have not yet captured enough donations to even cover our 2017 game costs. If you have donated, THANK YOU! Many of you are very generous and have supported this nonsense for many, many years. If you have not donated, come on! A modest donation for a full year of giggles and the chance at a prize. Well worth it.

You can donate by using the PayPal link at the bottom of our main website page or you can mail donations to the PO Box 343, Middlesex, NJ 08846. If you mail donations, please let us know by emailing us. This way, we are sure to pay the PO a visit.

A final thought...

This is our 20th year operating the OBE. For many years now, we say to ourselves, "Selves, how about another beer." Oh, wait a minute. Although we do say that, that isn't the one we wanted to tell you. We say to ourselves, "Selves, this is the last year we're doing this." Then December roles around. We get your lists along with your emails and regular mail. We get funny notes, pictures, limericks and thanks yous. Then we think to ourselves, "Selves, one more year (and one more beer)."

So here we are at year 20. When we started this thing, we certainly didn't think that would be the case. We couldn't have done it without you Death Watchers. You have really made this fun! You have often made us smile and laugh. In the end, what else is there? Thank you!

Who says that drinking and working don't mix? Not us, that's for sure. With the help of a few beers, we've been able to get through all the lists submitted by email and all the lists arriving by regular mail up to December 26, 2016. We'll be checking the PO Box tomorrow to look for any other lists that may have arrived since the 26th.

The Good News: So far we have 133 lists. Over 80 new picks were entered on lists as celebrities and we've only declined 11. Not too bad. We actually accepted one name that we had declined last year. We did this due to a increase in notoriety of the person over the past 12 months. We also had plenty of Alternates exercised this year thanks to Zsa Zsa, John Glenn and Debbie Reynolds. See, those Alternates really do matter!

The Bad News: So far donations are down. Only 35 players have donated to-date. Now, there may be some donations in the PO Box, so that's a glimmer of sunshine. As most of you know, we use the donations to pay for the prizes and some modest operational costs each year. No! Wrong! We buy the beer out of our own pockets. We're talking server costs, ink, paper and the PO Box. If you haven't done so already, please consider donating. You can mail a donation to us at PO Box 343, Middlesex, NJ 08846. You can also PayPal us a donation by using the $$$-DONATE-$$$ link on the main page of our website.

For our Fun Facts this year, we will be presenting euphemisms for dying. you can see the first one below. We plan on having the 2016 OBE closed out by January 10th and the new game up at the same time. We will contact the 2016 winners shortly after the 10th to distribute the prizes. You can see the current (and we suspect final) 2016 OBE top three lists in the Standings below.

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