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Just wanted to give you a little look into what we're thinking when we put together a list of 13 people not on your list (The Final Curtain, year 4). First, here's what you think about it:

As it stands right now, it appears that we have about 19 names that will get the dreaded ***Not a Celebrity*** designation. That's what happens when ya get "wrestling only" lists, and "I'm only gonna enter names you haven't recognized on your web page before" lists and “well, all these names are common in the NY Times Arts section” lists. Don't get us wrong, we actually like these types of creative lists. However, we also know that we'll end up nixing a few picks from them. Watchers, you simply can’t imagine how we labor and argue about celebrity status. It tears us up inside (or maybe that was that last India pale ale).

We realize that in so doing, we risk not everyone being accepted. And if that happens, and it has before, we are not devastated or angry. We've never even thought about making 2 little The Guys dolls and sticking them with pins. :) We just honestly think of it as a challenge, and we have it in the back of our minds all year as we come across someone who might fit on that list.

It's fun for us to put the list together, and if by chance the entire list gets accepted, as it has 2 out of 3 times so far (I'm guessing from what you wrote - above - that this year we won't be so lucky), then we're ecstatic. If not everyone goes through, then we accept it as the good sports we are. :)

So don't worry about our reaction to whomever you nixed this year. We'll just try again next year! For whatever reasons we really can't figure out, we genuinely enjoy this!

It's emails like this one that help us continue to love running this game even during the times we hate running this game. Thank you!

P.S. Three names got bumped from The Final Curtain. You could run a quick side pool locally to guess which three before we post on the 10th.

We think the 3 people you bumped from The Final Curtain are:

1. Irene Papas because she's from Greece and we're not :)
2. Connie Sawyer, whom we think you would acknowledge as being at least semi-famous, but not recognizable as a celebrity
3. Hard to choose the 3rd one, but probably Shecky Greene, and that's only because of your age - had you been 15-20 years older, you would've heard a lot of him. -- If you kept Shecky Greene on and bumped Charley Pride, that's a tough one, because back in the day he was VERY well-known, even more so than Ferlin Husky!! :) (And yes, I remember that issue.) Him being African American was at first a novelty, but then he really did have quite a run as being near the top of the charts for several years, but in COUNTRY music, not your favorite genre.

When we see which ones you nixed, we will add that information to the vault labeled "What We Know About The Guys" for when we maybe try it again next year, or maybe we'll just do something brand new and we'll decide to enter 13 boring, unimaginative names of people already on the list. We really are just having fun with it, not trying to bait you or anything! - By the way, on New Years Eve night, our crew had a bright idea to put Phil Collins on a list, but alas, we had already submitted them. Between that and the fact that a couple of our crew's lists had Rose Marie on them, I can't see any reason to submit lists next year until 11 p.m. on 12-31-18!!! :) (Written on my calendar already to make sure we remember!!)

Hope you received our donations. And I hope we get a couple of better jobs this year so we can cover $10 per entry like we have in the past, oh, and so we can pay our bills and buy groceries. :) (Does that connote obsession??? we think not.)

Looking forward to seeing the 2018 entries, and rest assured that although many people will assail you for your choices, we won't be in that number. Someone has to make the hard decisions, and YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE!!

Hey OBE Death Watch Players and fans. Read these emails again. This!!! This, this, this!!!! This is exactly what got us started in the stupid Death Watch and it's exactly what keeps us going. Wish we had 1,000 players like Final Curtain and the whole crew from IN. They love the game, the memories, the people who helped define our lives. They get it. AND they donate. Seriously, after 21 years of this nonsense, a couple of emails like this mean the world to us. They mean more than the donations (well, almost). Thank you!!!

Oldest Celebrities 96-102
The Final Curtain
It Tastes Kind Of Like Sad
Styx & Headstones
Hollywood Funerals
A Queen, 2 Presidents, & Other Decent People
To B Or Not To B
Children Of The Roaring 20s
Women Eventually Die
Women Do Live Longer Than Men THE FINAL CURTAIN:
Just checking my email before I end this exhausting day and what has been one of the most trying weeks of my life - so far 2018 SUCKS! And tomorrow doesn't promise to be any better. But this must be a mutual pick-me-up right now, because it's just what I needed! Thanks for "getting" us just like we "get" you.

The good days and the bad days are all the good days. Really. Some are just gooder than others!

Thanks. I need to remember that.
I'm appalled by the lack of donations so far, I'm hoping as a long time participant of the "Watch" My appeal will get a few more to reach in their pockets and donate. I know you do this for fun and beers. Mostly beers, but in this day and age everything costs money. So to keep this great fun thing going please reach in your pocket and help the guys out, if you all donate a small amount and believe me that is all that is needed a small amount from each and every player this can continue forever, or at least till they stop making beer.

Here, here! Or is that beer, beer! Regardless, hope they send us a few bucks for goodness sake.
Donation coming. Just lazy

Good thing you don't work in an emergency room.

Donation rescinded.

REALLY good thing you don't work in an emergency room.
The Baby Crushers here. Now, this email is not a complaint but a request for clarification. I was reading the mail bag and there was a long and somewhat confusing email from "The Final Curtain" that stated, "And I hope we get a couple of better jobs this year so we can cover $10 per entry." I know there is an O.B.E. rule that states only one entry per household. Is this the situation that we have here or is there a simple explanation that I am missing?

The rules actually allow for more than one entry per household. They limit play to one entry per player or team. So, for example, a husband and wife could each enter the OBE (and several do). What we are trying to avoid is having one person enter multiple lists. Allowing multiple list entries per person would take away some of the fun and, because we don't have a per list entry fee, it would encourage moochers to flood the Death Watch with lists (why not, it's free right).

Now, the case with Final Curtain is as follows. There are group of folks in IN, several of whom are in the same family and a few of whom married into the family or are family friends. Each individual enters a list. However, members of the group have told us many times that they meet and discuss all of their lists, come up with themes for their lists and compare notes. It's a ritual for them. These are a group of die hard Death Watchers. One member of the group actually sends in a donation each year and asks that we split it across many of the group's submitted lists. Instructions are even included as to how much each list should be credited as a donation. We know all this because over the years this group has had significant communication with us regarding their love of the game, their approach to picking celebrities, and their desire to develop creative lists. It's actually been a blast watching what they have done and how the group has grown.

So no, there is no "double dipping". Each entry is from a single individual and none of those individuals enter more than one list. However yes, some of those individuals (though not all) reside in the same home.

Hope that helps clarify.

Yes... you cleared that up. I understand the rule now and I understand that these folks are following the rules. Thank you for taking the time to explain.
I want to thank you for the hard work that you do.I would like to donate $25 dollars of my come from behind 3rd place victory to the O.B.E. As for the Dairy Queen gift card, have a Dilly Bar on me. I would like your Church going Staff to put $25 in the basket for me. I know dead Celebrity's are looking down on us. I honor there lives by reading every thing about them, except for Manson. He can go you-know-where. I hope I get respect now from my fellow O.B.E. fans. I hope to receive $50 of my 3rd place finish.

To be clear, are you asking us to hold back $50 ($25 to the OBE and $25 to the Church Basket) and to send you the balance ($50).

Yes: Thanks for your reply. And don’t forget to take your sweetie out for a Dilly Bar.
I’m curious, looking through the website, "The Guys' List" still says it’s your 2017 picks? Did it get updated? No big deal if it didn’t, just my OCD. Pretty dumb thing to write about huh? I mean, who’s going to care much less take the time to write about such a small detail? Ridiculous really! Ha, stupid OCD, haha. Yeah. Just silly.

Typo. Fixed now.
Is this where is send my entry? Last year I screwed up and sent my entry to the email without the e in the address. This year I didn't. Did I get in? I don't see my list on the entries page. It especially hurts this year. I had Jerry Van Dyke.

Let me know what I'm supposed to do. I've been in this thing for almost 10 years now. I love it.

Your entry was received, entered and is posted under the name "Everyone Loves Double Cola". It is the fourth entry on the page. Jerry Van Dyke was entered as the Alternate (14th position). Your Alternate was not exercised as no deaths from your list occurred between your submittal and the start of the 2018 game.

Ah, yes. I also like beer. Thanks guys. Donation is in the works.

I'm glad you all are good at this.
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