PRINCE (4/21/2016)
Musician. Age 57.
The artist, formerly.

CHYNA (4/20/2016)
Wrestler, Actress. Age 46.

DORIS ROBERTS (4/17/2016)
Actress. Age 90.
An anagram: Debris Or Rots.

DAVID GEST (4/12/2016)
Producer, TV Personality. Age 62.
He's a Celebrity...Get Him Out of Here!

MERLE HAGGARD (4/6/2016)
Musician. Age 79.
Merle Haggard; very, very haggard.

JAMES NOBLE (3/29/2016)
Actor. Age 94.
A withering John Witherspoon.

PATTY DUKE (3/29/2016)
Actress. Age 69.
But they're coffins...indentical coffins all the way!

Nun. Age 92.
Almost eternal world television network.

Comedian, Actor. Age 66.
This is theme to Garry's life, the closing theme to Garry's life...

KEN HOWARD (3/23/2016)
Actor. Age 71.
A (white) shadow of his former self.

JOE GARAGIOLA (3/23/2016)
Baseball Announcer and TV Personality. Age 90.
"Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast." Uh, cast change...

ROB FORD (3/22/2016)
Toronto Mayor, Addict. Age 46.
To say Rob was a massive train wreck would make massive train wrecks look much worse than they really are.

LARRY DRAKE (3/17/2016)
Actor. Age 67.
Dreary Lark.

FRANK SINATRA JR. (3/16/2016)
Frank Sinatra Jr. Age 72.
Frank Sinatra Jr.
What else is there?

GEORGE MARTIN (3/8/2016)
Musician, Music Producer and Composer. Age 90.
Live and Let Die.

NANCY REAGAN (3/6/2016)
First Lady. Age 94.
Just Say No...Pulse.

SONNY JAMES (2/22/2016)
Musician. Age 87.
It's getting a little cloudy for Sonny.

GEORGE KENNEDY (2/18/2016)
Actor. Age 91.
What we have here is a failure to resuscitate.

HARPER LEE (2/19/2016)
Author. Age 89.
To kill a To Kill a Mockingbird author.

Big Ang. Age 55.
Will there be mollbearers?

Former Secretary General of the UN. Age 93.
An Agenda for Rest in Peace.

GEORGE GAYNES (2/15/2016)
Actor. Age 98.
George Gaynes? Acutally, George loses...his pulse.

VANITY (2/15/2016)
Singer, Model and Actress. Age 57.
Vanity 6...feet under.

ANTONIN SCALIA (2/13/2016)
Supreme Court Justice. Age 79.
Supreme Corpse Justice.

BOB ELLIOTT (2/2/2016)
Comedian. Age 92.
Bob and Ray, together again.

PAUL KANTNER (1/28/2016)
Musician. Age 74.
Apparently the pills that mother gave him didn't do anything at all.

ABE VIGODA (1/26/2016)
Actor. Age 94.
Abe was mistaken for dead more than any other celebrity. Let's see if this one sticks.

GLEN FREY (1/18/2016)
An Eagle. Age 67.
Peaceful Easy Feeling.

DAN HAGGERTY (1/15/2016)
Grizzly Adams. Age 74.
Remember him in 1989's The Chilling? No? Not a problem. Dan's chilling again.

ALAN RICKMAN (1/14/2016)
Actor. Age 69.
Die Hard. With a vengence indeed.

DAVID BOWIE (1/10/2016)
Singer. Age 69.

KITTY KALLEN (1/7/2016)
Singer. Age 94.
I'm Beginning to See the Light.

Dwayne Schneider. Age 86.
This is it!

PIERRE BOULZ (1/5/2016)
Conductor/Composer. Age 90.
Pierre Boulez gets a dirt souffle.

Music Impresario. Age 81.
He got Saturday Night Fever and by Monday he was gone.

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