Death Takes a Holiday
(and arrives home early)

JOE FRANKLIN (1/24/2015)
Radio and TV Host/Interviewer. Age 88.
The game was tied at seven all, (uh huh)
When Franklin found he had the ball...and prostate cancer.

ERNIE BANKS (1/23/2015)
Baseball Player, Mr. Sunshine. Age 83.

King, House of Saud. Age 90.
A true reformer, Abdullah announced in 2011 that women could vote in the 2015 Saudi municipal elections.
(Wow, is there really anyone left in the West who isn't getting the problem?)

ANITA EKBERG (1/11/2015)
Actress. Age 83.
La Dolce Morte

TAYLOR NEGRON (1/10/2015)
Actor. Age 57.
Taylor Negone.

ROD TAYLOR (1/7/2015)
Actor. Age 84.
The time's up machine.

STUART SCOTT (1/4/2015)
Sportscaster. Age 49.
"Booyah" indeed.

EDWARD BROOKE (1/3/2015)
First Popularly Elected Black Senator. Age 95.
Barbara Walters divulged that she and Ed had a several year affair in the 1970s.
Maybe he died of embarrassment.

MARIO CUOMO (1/1/2015)
Politician. Age 82.
Mario No Mo'.

DONNA DOUGLAS (1/1/2015)
Actress. Age 82.
Come and listen to a story 'bout a girl named Donna.
A bad pancreas guaranteed she was a goner...

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