Death Takes a Holiday
(and arrives home early)

NATALIE COLE (12/31/2015)
Singer. Age 65.
Her 1987 album Everlasting was apparently a misnomer.

WAYNE ROGERS (12/31/2015)
Actor. Age 82.
Napper John.

LEMMY KILMISTER (12/28/2015)
Musician. Age 70.
In light of his musical styling, it's only appropriate that his cancer was a "particularly aggressive form."

Globetrotter. Age 83.

MARTIN BROOKS (12/7/2015)
Actor-Dr. Rudy Wells. Age 90.
Maybe we can rebuild him. We have the technology...

ROBERT LOGGIA (12/4/2015)
Actor. Age 85.
"Whoa, Robert Loggia!"

SCOTT WEILAND (12/3/2015)
Musician, Singer, Songwriter. Age 48.
Stoned Temple Pilot.

MARJORIE LORD (11/28/2015)
Actress. Age 97.
Majorie Lord....Lord, Marjorie.

HELMUT SCHMIDT (11/10/2015)
Former Chancellor of West Germany. Age 96.
An anagram....Midst The Mulch.

FRED THOMPSON (11/1/2015)
Actor, Senator, Presidential Primary Candidate. Age 73.
At least one way out after all.

AL MOLINARO (10/30/2015)
Actor. Age 96.
Monday, Tuesday Happy Days. Wednesday, Thursday Happy Days. Friday comes, Al's gall bladder numbs...

MAUREEN O'HARA (10/24/2015)
Actress. Age 95.
The (very) Quiet Woman.

PAUL PRUDHOMME (10/8/2015)
Chef. Age 75.
Two anagrams with Paul's name are: "A Plumped Humor" and "Ahem, Proud Lump." Coincidence? We think not.

YOGI BERRA (9/22/2015)
Baseball Great. Age 90.
"Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't go to yours."

JACK LARSON (9/20/2015)
Jimmy Olsen. Age 87.
Look, down on the ground.

JACKIE COLLINS (9/19/2015)
Novelist. Age 77.
Deadly Embrace indeed.

MOSES MALONE (9/13/2015)
Basketball Player. Age 60.
No rebounding this time.

DICKIE MOORE (9/7/2015)
Actor. Age 89.

MARTIN MILNER (9/6/2015)
Actor. Age 83.
1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, we have a 10-45D.

JEAN DARLING (9/4/2015)
Actress. Age 93.
After many years in the talkies, Jean finally made it back to the silents.

JUDY CARNE (9/3/2015)
Actress. Age 76.

DEAN JONES (9/1/2015)
Actor. Age 84.

WES CRAVEN (8/30/2015)
Film Writer, Producer, Director. Age 76.
Less Craven.

YVONNE CRAIG (8/17/2015)
Batgirl. Age 78.
Damnit! There goes a boyhood fantasy.

FRANK GIFFORD (8/9/2015)
Football Player, Sportscaster. Age 84.
Apparently the Globe paid the Grim Reaper $125,000 dollars to tempt Gifford to spend the night.

Wrestler. Age 61.
Gives a whole new meaning to Piper's pit.

THEODORE BIKEL (7/21/2015)
Actor. Age 91.
Theodore Bikel, he's in quite the pickle, heartbeat to a trickle, then death swings the sickle (yes, we know it's actually a scythe).

OMAR SHARIF (7/10/2015)
Actor. Age 83.
Until 1992, this dude smoked 100 cigarettes a day. Then he had triple by-pass and lived until 83. Immortality simply can't be far off.

JACK CARTER (6/28/2015)
Comedian. Age 93.
Jack appeared in the Extraordinary Seamen, The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood and Play it to the Bone. Coincidence? We think not.

PATRICK MACNEE (6/25/2015)
Actor. Age 93.
Puhlease, the Avengers? We didn't see Captain America once. That Peel chick was cute though.

DICK VAN PATTEN (6/23/2015)
Actor. Age 86.
Actually, seven is sufficient.

RON MOODY (6/11/2015)
Actor. Age 91.
You've got to pick a casket out too, boys. You've got to pick a casket out too.

Actor. Age 93.

TARIQ AZIZ (6/5/2015)
Some Bathist. Age 79.
Tariq gets ZZZZs.

BETSY PALMER (5/29/2015)
Actress. Age 88.
Off to that great big camp Crystal Lake in the sky.

ANNE MEARA (5/23/2015)
Comedian. Age 85.
We know she used Meara, but she certainly is stiller now.

B. B. KING (5/14/2015)
Musician. Age 89.
Actually, the thrill is still around. B. B. on the other hand...

BEN E. KING (4/30/2015)
Singer. Age 76.
Looks like the night has come...

JANE MEADOWS (4/26/2015)
Actress. Age 95.
I've got a secret (I'm dead).

PERCY SLEDGE (4/14/2015)
Singer. Age 74.

STAN FREEBERG (4/7/2015)
A Really Funny Guy. Age 88.
There are tens, if not hundreds of great things this guy did.
One that never fails to evoke some gut busting laughter is the Papa Boolie stuff from the Weird Al Show.
Google it youngsters!

Actor. Age 79.
Every which way but breathing.

JAMES BEST (4/6/2015)
Roscoe P. Coltrane. Age 88.
We're gonna sayit 'gin...Roscoe P. Coltrane. 'Nuff said.

Actor. Age 86.
The prosecution rests (in peace).

SARAH BRADY (4/3/2015)
Gun Control Advocate. Age 73.
Wrest the piece.

Televangelist. Age 88.
From the Hour of Power to four hours with flowers.

LEE KUAN YEW (3/23/2015)
Father of Singapore. Age 91.
As the embalmer was finishing up the injections he was heard whispering to some onlookers, "Be careful, he may lee kuan yew."

SAM SIMON (3/8/2015)
Director, Producer, Writer, Poker Player. Age 59.
Maybe hanging around Radioactive Man wasn't such a great idea after all.

LEONARD NIMOY (2/27/2015)
Mr. Spock. Age 83.

LESLIE GORE (2/16/2015)
Singer. Age 68.
It's my party and I'll die if I want to.

LOUIS JOURDAN (2/14/2015)
Actor. Age 93.
Louis, Louis, oh no, sayin' you gotta go...

GARY OWENS (2/12/2015)
Disc Jockey and Voice Actor. Age 80.
A little less Space, a little more Ghost.

College Basketball Coaching Legend. Age 84.
From Tark the shark to Jerry the buried.

DEAN SMITH (2/7/2015)
College Basketball Coaching Legend. Age 83.
Looks like Dean is hitting the hardwood one last time.

LIZABETH SCOTT (1/31/2015)
Film Noir Actress. Age 92.
...And leave off the first "E" for embalming.

ROD MCKUEN (1/29/2015)
Poet, Songwriter, Singer. Age 81.
"I'm not the first man or the last who had a thirst to leave the past."

JOE FRANKLIN (1/24/2015)
Radio and TV Host/Interviewer. Age 88.
The game was tied at seven all, (uh huh)
When Franklin found he had the ball...and prostate cancer.

ERNIE BANKS (1/23/2015)
Baseball Player, Mr. Sunshine. Age 83.

King, House of Saud. Age 90.
A true reformer, Abdullah announced in 2011 that women could vote in the 2015 Saudi municipal elections.
(Wow, is there really anyone left in the West who isn't getting the problem?)

ANITA EKBERG (1/11/2015)
Actress. Age 83.
La Dolce Morte

TAYLOR NEGRON (1/10/2015)
Actor. Age 57.
Taylor Negone.

ROD TAYLOR (1/7/2015)
Actor. Age 84.
The time's up machine.

STUART SCOTT (1/4/2015)
Sportscaster. Age 49.
"Booyah" indeed.

EDWARD BROOKE (1/3/2015)
First Popularly Elected Black Senator. Age 95.
Barbara Walters divulged that she and Ed had a several year affair in the 1970s.
Maybe he died of embarrassment.

MARIO CUOMO (1/1/2015)
Politician. Age 82.
Mario No Mo'.

DONNA DOUGLAS (1/1/2015)
Actress. Age 82.
Come and listen to a story 'bout a girl named Donna.
A bad pancreas guaranteed she was a goner...

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