The Quiet Man
(and the pretty silent lady too)

EDWARD HERRMANN (12/31/2014)
Actor. Age 71.
His portrayal reminds us a bit more of Gary Gilmore now.

LUISE RAINER (12/30/2014)
Actress. Age 104.
Into the good earth.

JOE COCKER (12/22/2014)
Singer. Age 70.
What do I do when my lung is decayed?

BESS MYERSON (12/14/2014)
Ms. America. Game Show Regular. Age 90.
Apparently you DO have a secret; the fact that you died! (which wasn't reported until 1/5/15).

MARY ANN MOBLEY(12/9/2014)
Actress. Age 77.
There she goes, Miss America.

Chespirito. Age 85.

MARION BARRY (11/22/2014)
Washington Mayor, Crack Head. Age 78.
As he was passing, it was reported he mumbled, "Death set me up...I shouldn't have come up here...goddamn Death."

BEN BRADLEE (10/21/2014)
Washington Post Editor. Age 93.
Washington Post...Mortem

OSCAR DE LA RENTA (10/20/2014)
Fashion Designer. Age 82.
And the Oscar goes to, ummm, the cemetery...

PAUL REVERE (10/4/2014)
Musician. Age 76.
Pulse just keeps gettin' harder to find...

POLLY BERGEN (9/20/2014)
Actress. Age 84.
Apparently Polly's 40th anniversary celebration of her work in "Death Cruise" went a bit too far.

IAN PAISLEY (9/12/2014)
Politician, Religious Leader and General Sh*t Stirrer in Northern Ireland. Age 88.
Actually, Paisley is the new black.

RICHARD KIEL (9/10/2014)
Actor. Age 74.
Richard Kiel(ed over).

JOAN RIVERS (9/4/2014)
Comedian. Age 81.
"Can we talk?" Well, not anymore actually.

Actor, Director, Producer. Age 90.
The Great Escape.

DON PARDO (8/18/2014)
TV Announcer. Age 96.
Sank you, Don Pardo.

LAUREN BACALL (8/12/2014)
Actress. Age 89.
The Big Sleep.

ROBIN WILLIAMS (8/11/2014)
Comedian, Actor. Age 63.
Mortality, What a Concept.

JAMES BRADY (8/4/2014)
Press Secretary under Ronald Reagan. Age 73.
Here's a story of a man named Brady...The End.

JAMES GARNER (7/19/2014)
Actor. Age 86.
James Goner.

ELAINE STRITCH (7/17/2014)
Actress. Age 89.
Elaine, ditch.

JOHNNY WINTER (7/16/2014)
Musician. Age 70.
Does this make it Spring?

President of Georgia. Age 86.
Who even knew Georgia had a President. Peanuts, yup. Peaches, sure. Coca Cola and CNN, you bet. But a Communist President? Crazy.

MESHACH TAYLOR (6/28/2014)
Actor. Age 67.
Ya know, in the bible Meshach was saved by divine intervention. Of course in that instance it was Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace and not colorectal cancer.

HOWARD BAKER (6/26/2014)
Senator, Majority Leader, White House Chief of Staff. Age 88.
The Great Conciliator could have used a great resuscitator.

ELI WALLACH (6/24/2014)
Actor. Age 98.
The One Jake? The Good and The Bad? The Magnificent Six? Just not the same without Eli.

TONY GWYNN (6/16/2014)
Baseball Player. Age 54.
Mr. Padre needs a padre.

CASEY KASEM (6/15/2014)
Disc Jockey, Voice of Shaggy. Age 82.
Coming in at 82 this week, a hit some of you have been waiting for....

CHUCK NOLL (6/13/2014)
Football Coach. Age 82.
They'll chuck Noll in a burying hole.

RUBY DEE (6/12/2014)
Actress. Age 91.
Ruby Dee(ad)

DON ZIMMER(6/4/2014)
Baseball Player, Manager, Coach. Age 83.
Gone dimmer.

ANN B. DAVIS (6/1/2014)
Alice. Age 88.
Alice doesn't live here anymore. In fact...

MAYA ANGELOU (5/28/2014)
Author and Poet. Age 86.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Doesn't Sing.
The Heart of a Woman...Stopped.
Going to Retrieve A Song Flung Up to Heaven.

Actor. Age 95.
The F.B.I. (Finally Been Interred).

BOB HOSKINS (4/29/2014)
Actor. Age 71.
Nope, it wasn't non-hodgkin's lymphoma; it was Bob Hoskins pneumonia.

Boxer. Age 76.
Apparently the Hurricane was recently downgraded.

Writer. Age 87.
An eternity of solitude now.

MICKEY ROONEY (4/6/2014)
Actor. Age 93.
Death Finds Andy Hardy.

FRED PHELPS (3/19/2014)
Westboro Baptist Pastor. Age 84.
Gee, what a pity (*sarcasm*).

DAVID BRENNER (3/15/2014)
Comedian. Age 78.
We're surprised a secret sex tape hasn't surfaced yet.
Brenner certainly did Johnny Carson enough times.

HAROLD RAMIS (2/24/2014)
Actor, Producer, Screen Writer. Age 69.
I ain't 'fraid I'm a ghost.

GARRICK UTLEY (2/20/2014)
TV Journalist. Age 74.
Dead from the Met.

RALPH WAITE (2/13/2014)
Actor. Age 85.
Good night John-Boy.

SID CAESER (2/12/2014)
Comedian. Age 91.
I come to bury Caesar...

Child Star. Ambassador. Age 85.
It's a sweet trip to her final stop...

RALPH KINER (2/6/2014)
Voice of the Mets. Age 91.
Kiner's koroner.

Actor. Age 46.
We suspect we'll actually see LESS Hoffman now.

Actor. Age 83.
A Schell of his former self.

ARTHUR RANKIN (1/30/2014)
Director, Producer, Writer. Age 89.
Mad Monster Party remains one of the best pieces of animation work ever made, period!

PETE SEEGER (1/27/2014)
Folk Singer, Musician. Age 94.
A time to be born; a time to die.

DAVE MADDEN (1/16/2014)
Reuben Kincaid. Age 82.
Somethin' always happens whenever we're together...

The Professor. Age 89.
No pulse, no breath, no motor skills...

ARIEL SHARON (1/11/2014)
Israeli Statesman, General and Prime Minister. Age 85.
Not unlike 2003, Ariel has once again made a move for unilateral disengagement.

RUN RUN SHAW (1/6/2014)
Media Mogul. Age 106.
You can run run but you can't hide hide.

PHIL EVERLY (1/3/2014)
An Everly Brother. Age 76.
He fell asleep, his goose is cooked, his respiration is shot.

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