The Guys' Picks!

1. JOE PATERNO - JoePa, no mas. Died 1/22/12

2. ETTA JAMES - Let's Roll! Died 1/20/12

3. ZSA ZSA GABOR - Maybe she's an Immortal?

4. ROBIN GIBB - Lonely days, lonely nights. Where would I be without my colon?Died 5/20/12

5. PATTY ANDREWS - "He really breaks it up when he plays reveille (and taps)."

6. JUNE FORAY - Hey Rocky, watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat. Hey Rocky! Rocky?

7. FRANK CADY - Mr. Drucker's one dead @!#*&$ (fella).Died 6/8/12

8. C. EVERETT KOOP - C. Everett's pooped.

9. MARGARET THATCHER - Apparently she's entitled to sit in the House of Lords. That's got to be a relief.

10. RONNIE BIGGS - A little poem: Ronnie, goney.

11. MIKE WALLACE - He's on his 59th minute. Died 4/7/12

12. CHARLOTTE RAE - It's a fact of life Charlotte.

13. KIRK DOUGLAS - Spartacus, schmartacus. You sir, are old.

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