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well I am chilling at the airport (in new jersey no less) and I come to find that is blocked :(

I am amazed you guys have reached the status of being purge worthy for some lame airport filter. pat yourselves on the back.

There is some porn on your forum site - there is a post on The 2010 OBE stuff from deegobbynom title Sexvideos - the post is an image of well - you will see........

So we see. That's been taken care of. Thanks for the info.

you mean you are actually going to have the lists posted within the first two weeks of january for a change? :o

holy potatoes

For the record, sir. The lists have always been up by the second week in January. Every single year for 13 years now. Tally Ho! Beer time?

i beg to differ kind sir. I seem to remember a year or two when it was the THIRD week of january O_O

do other contestants talk about how great exoendo zuzubar are to you guys? I assume it's at least a few. Are they ready to have the pain brought to them this year? Because, it's going to be brought, big time.

Also, we were thinking of maybe in addition to the money prizes if they may want the autographs of exoendo/zuzubar. It's probably not too late to send them out. Let me know

4 of my picks are not famous !! I'm still going to win this thing!

They may be famous, they're not celebrities. We guess you should be proud. Your list gave us the most to chew on, argue over, and generally grouse about.

it's not updated yet O_O

We beg to differ. Try refreshing champ.

Nope still not working.

here is a screenshot of me on your homepage, hovering over the entries link. Look at my status bar bottom left, (proving I am clicking through to the right page):


Now look at the address in the url bar, same address, still 2010:


So I don't know what to tell ya :/

Dude! You're loading from your cache on the browser. Several players have already sent us emails commenting on the 2011. It's up.

Man, your internet skills are starting to match you Death Watch Skills.

wow, haters gonna hate or what? Btw you never got back to me about my autograph being used as a prize. If you don't think everyone is worthy enough for it, I assure you they are just barely.

Haters? Come on now.

We'll pass on your autograph, as attractive an offer as at least one player obviously thinks it is.

I hate to tell you this, but “Salmon Mousse” has Bill Erwin on their list. Unfortunately, Mr. Erwin died on December 29, 2010.

Bill Erwin of Seinfeld Dies at 96 :

Bill Erwin, a character actor whose stage and film work spanned half a century, but who was best known for his Emmy-nominated turn as a grumpy old man on Seinfeld, has died at 96.

Erwin passed away Dec. 29 of age-related causes at his Studio City, Calif., home, not far from the production lot where Seinfeld was filmed, his son told the Los Angeles Times.

Just thought you would like to know.

So he did. Nice one. Of course, that means we need to redo the stats! Beer time.

So the name of my list wasn't original - there's one almost exactly the same - but at least I understand the concept of RHYME!

Much better to be Hell or Heaven in 2011 - than to switch them - Heaven or Hell in 2011? No rhyme, no rhythm, makes no sense.

So I am not embarrassed. It's like 2 people wearing the same outfit to a party, but one has theirs on backwards.

Glad I went to college. This is all SO worth it! :)

By the way, the check is in the mail. Honest.

Funny. We thought the same thing as we were reading the lists. We said, "Wow, same team names. Oh, wait, only one of them knows how to rhyme."

There is no arguing, because you are THE GUYS. And you accepted all my people. But when Ferlin Husky dies, you might find out he was more of a celebrity than you think. Those over 50 will remember him, whether they were country music fans, or not, and millions ARE.

Just sayin'...

We hear ya. If you asked 10 folks around the water cooler how Ferlin Husky was doing, how many would it register with? If you then showed them his pictures how many? We don't think too many. We actually asked a few folks (as is our general policy) just to check before we determined him ***Not a Celebrity***. It didn't register. Interestingly, we did the same thing for Bela Fleck and it did register.

So it goes.

Which Water Coolers? That's the main issue, I guess. If the water cooler is in a retirement home, then you'd get different answers! Or if the water cooler was south of the Mason-Dixon line, different answers again.

That's why you're The Guys and have made yourselves, rightfully so, the place where the buck stops.

You rule. Literally. :)

If I may chime in here... I am the other guy (of The Guys) and it's my contention that there is a firm yet blurry line between that of 'fame' and 'celebrity.' That being said, to me the transcendence of the contender's genre to enter that of the mind-set and consciousness of what may be considered 'pop-culture.' For example if say Ferlin Husky was aksed to sing the Canyonero theme as a guest voice on The Simpsons in season 5 episode 10 that would have been such a transcendence - instead they asked Hank Williams jr. Or, if in Season 3 episode 24, they asked Ferlin to be Homer's guide on his quest for a soulmate; they didn't, they got Johnny Cash. Heck, you know in Season 5 episode 8 Jim Varney was even asked to guest on the show; Husky - never. See where this is going. Sure, we know that there is more to pop-consciousness than guesting on The Simpons, but you know what we mean. Reggie Jackson had the Reggie! Bar, George Foreman has his grill and Wilford Brimley is face of diabetes. There are plenty of famous people that have accomplished quite notable achievements, but never crossed over to become a celebrity. Who's to say why, but they don't. Plenty of Congressional Medal of Honorees, plenty of Academy Award Winners and, yes, plenty of Country Music Hall of Fame'rs are not celebs. Ferlin is among them in our books.

Very eloquently stated. It's been good having this discussion with both of you about this. Being a teacher by trade, I appreciate a well-thought-out viewpoint. :)

And remember - Ferlin was not on my list, so my discussion was just that - talking - not arguing. You get plenty of that from others, I imagine.

Thanks for an insight into your rationale. Makes sense to me.

PS - You're a big Simpson's fan, I see. On one of the CDs that my son made for me, he put the song Baby on Board that was sung by Homer & 3 of his friends. Gotta love it! :)

Thanks for the notice that the 2011 lists are up. I found an error in mine - you have Alice Cooper listed as Alice Copper - don't know if this will affect anything but could you please fix it?

I also see you selected 2 of my guitarists are "not a celebrity". Okay, I know that you don't negotiate and I (grudgingly) accept your call. However, if I may can I please at least show you why I chose these gents?

From Bayonne, New Jersey, no less! He has one of the most recognizable guitars designs next to Eddie Van Halen's (black and white bulls eye)

Read This

Founding member of the Scorpions (Rock You Like a Hurricane) one of the best "anthems" in rock

And This

I just wanted to give you a heads up as to why I chose these rockers.

We fixed the Alice Cooper typo. Thanks for the heads up.

As for your picks. Your list had numerous names which fostered discussion, argument, and, ultimately interviews with some impartial parties. Bottom line, neither guy has the name, face, or character recognition required to be a Celeb. Doesn't mean that their work is recognizable. Heck, you even describer Wylde by his guitar. Folks know Eddie Van Halen by his name, by his marriage to Valerie, by their divorce. That's the difference.

Hey, Guys. Good to be back in your pool.
That's hard to believe that Ferlin Husky didn't make the cut.

I thought Gerry Rafferty would have a much harder time being known. Yours has to be the only pool where Ferlin Husky isn't an obviously qualified choice, not only because of accomplishments and influence on others leading up to his Country Music Hall of Fame status last year, but also his quirky name that leads to name recognition.





Truly baffled by his rejection.

P.S. -- Speaking of which, I was looking at YOUR list. Who's June Foray? ;-)

Believe it or not, you're the second person to make that case (and the first one made it for YOUR list). Perhaps we missed the mark. However, neither of us had name or face recognition nor did the impartial folks we asked. Hopefully this decision won't have you take-off from the Death Watch again. We miss cutting you checks every year.

Hey .. I submitted my team list. you entered the name wrong.. Should Be "Xena’s 7 Feet Down Under".... Not "Undet"..

Will correct post-haste. Typo!

I was just on the website and didn’t see my team listed unless you have it as something other than the “Coal Stompers”.

There's a perfectly good reason your list isn't up there. We screwed up.

We'll fix it later tonight. Should be fine by morning.

Sorry about that.

(Later that night) Should be fixed. Again, sorry (after we had the back & forth with the email, we mistakenly filed all the emails in the wrong folder.

Thanks so much guys

Gentleman - I feel like just a whiner since you eliminated 4 of my picks already. This time, I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing something out to you. I earned 3 points with Gerry Rafferty. However, you crossed it out and wrote 5. Does honesty get anyone bumped up to the celeb status??

When we found out we missed an entry last night, we had to regenerate the entire Entries Page. Thus the appearance of this error. It's been rectified. Zakk Wylde is looking a bit better, but he still doesn't cut it.

Hey guys, Maria Von Trapp is alive! You blocked her for being dead.

Read the page (the News section) on this one.

THE Maria Von Trapp, the Celebrity one, died int he 1980s (this would be the one played by Julie Andrews in the movie). The kid is alive, but she just ain't famous (her character isn't even portrayed in the movie). You didn't specify which one. We presumed you meant the one who was famous, so she's dead. Either way, you won't be getting that pick. Sorry about that but you know how we are with the whole "Celebrity thing around here.

I thank the Guys for their quick and attentive responses, and their continued dedication to our entertainment. While I was drawn by the Wikipedia article's reference that the kid was portrayed as Louisa in the movie, and she was part of a "world-renowned" group of singers, the judges have spoken and must be respected. Indeed, I should have qualified her as the kid, but even so, it appears she would have been DQ'd anyway. It is quite consistent with your rule about frontmen in bands being celebrities, i.e. Tom Petty, but not the Heartbreaker.

Thanks for approving Fred Phelps. I trust the Guys will not be protesting his death. Party on Garth.

Nice Email! Thank you.

It's not just the frontman (for example: All the Beatles are celebrities. Keith Richards? You bet.) But not everyone in a "Celebrity Group" is a Celebrity. (See the U2 example - Bono/yes, Edge/Maybe, the rest of them/nah).

We included Phelps because he is clearly a Celebrity at this point. We can't say we really like WHY he's a celebrity, but he is one. As for protesting his funeral, we'll pass. Now, if you had offered peeing on his grave, you likely couldn't keep us away.

Got ya. I thought maybe the whole movie thing would bring her in. What kid hasn't seen it? Apparently, lederhosen doesn't have the same celebrity glamor as say, the body art of Kiss' bass player, nor does Louisa have a made-up name like the Edge.

(Regarding the death of John Dye) Damn this is just tooooooo easy sometimes.

(Regarding the death of John Dye) He played the angel of death on the show. Yeah, I know - between that role and his last name, too many good lines come to mind.

I was wondering if my donation had been received via USPS for team Dead Like Me! It hasn't been updated to the web site.

We haven't been to the PO in the last few days. We'll check this weekend. When did you send?

Sent it about a week before.

Just checked the PO and went through our records (as a double check). Nothing from you we're afraid.

Ya know, we run a little OBE Forum over at

It's a fun little place to converse with fellow players and other Death Watchers, crack jokes, write song parodies, pen limericks, etc....

"What's the point here Guys?" Good question! The point is we want to give a (terribly overused stupid expression coming...) "shout out" to three Death Watchers who have pretty much single-handedly kept us, The Guys, interested in the Forum. They are:

Bring Out Y'er Dead,
Year of the Living Dead, &

Thanks to these three, we have really enjoyed the Forum. Why not stop by and tell them thanks (or curse them out, ask them for dinner, propose to them, whatever.....). Just stop by!


You would have a better time recruiting forum members if you told them exoendo zuzubar stops in from time to time.

We thought that's what was keeping them away ;-)

youse guys should just make a facebook page for the forum.

A number of people have suggested we go on/asked why we're not on Facebook. The answer is really quite simple....Facebook is self-indulgent, banal, and borders on being evil. That, and the fact that Ronnie Hawkins is not a celebrity.

LOL! Waitll Ronnie Dies. You will be apologizing for years to me . Just watch as TMZ reports........oh who am I kidding. I'll never convince you. You'd get more hits on facebook........s'all Im sayin.

You asked for it and we delivered. The OBE is now on Facebook. Look for both our Open Group and Profile; listed as 'OBE Memorial Celebrity Death Watch.' Join us and banter, mock, inform and bait. That's right, we brought the fun to your doorstep; not invite us in for a beer, won't you? See ya there.

I cant get the name and password correct if you could help please my new email is XXXXXXXXX@YYYYYYYYY.

We're afraid we can't help. We can't see passwords. (We presume you are talking about the Forum, correct?). We might be able to inactivate your account and you could sign up with another email. Or, there is likely a place where you can request the password be emailed to you (via a reset).

Why no David Nelson??

Thanks from a fan of your site

Not really celebrity status.

Well, thank you for your quick response. I'm kinda shocked by your answer. I realize this is your site and you can do as you please. I just would question the validity of your site. You say David Nelson doesn't have celebrity status. Now, I don't even care for his series or him as an actor, but, he was involved in one of the longest running sitcoms in our history (14 seasons according to iMDB).

So, if that info is correct, I think your company's bar is set a little too high.

Over the years I have really enjoyed your site.


Thanks for listening.

Yeah, but we always feel compelled to respond. Ozzie Nelson would clearly have made the celebrity cut. David, no. Not every cast member of every long running show, classic movie, or great band is a celebrity. We know where you're coming from. We understand he's quite famous. But that doesn't make him a celebrity.

That having been said, you stated "I think your company's bar is set a little too high." Dude, we aren't a company. We're two idiot Guys who have been doing this as a hobby for almost 15 years. Yeah, we know, pathetic.

FYI- Ruby Muhammad croaked a few weeks ago- verified on Wikipedia deaths.

Yup. We'll get there.

MIRICH (RE: Ferlin Husky):
Care to reconsider, Guys?

Yes, ol' Ferlin Husky, with the distinctive name and the credentials in every known dead pool on earth except yours, did in fact bite the dust today. Age 85. Search his name on Google News for the obit coverage (it was 268 different places that had his obit, as of shortly after 8 p.m. Eastern time on the day news of his death came out).

I don't know -- and seriously, you probably don't know, either -- how you can justify that head-scratching call that Ferlin Husky is "not a celebrity" a couple of months ago.

Speaking as only one guy of the mix, I am completely fine with decision we came to back in early January regarding Mr. Husky. Truly. And the fact that he carries cred with "every known dead pool except" ours, proves my point even more. The rest are fucking sheep and the OBE brings something more to the table. We discern between famous and celebrity; they don't.

Give me a fucking break, Ferlin Husky, bullshit... not every member of the Country Music Hall of Fame is a celeb, just like any Hall of Fame... For christsake, look at the first paragraph in any of his obits... they all mention that "1957 smash hit "Gone"... oh for fuck sake, hum a few bars of that diddy... I dare ya... please it got all the way to number 4. No way... not for me... no mustard cutting brilliance here.

But I do thank you for bringing your arogance to our attention not once but twice; it warms my heart. There is no head scratching at all for me, only perhaps at the level of your condescension. But thanks for caring. So, no, in short, no... I do not care to reconsider. Why? Cause the guy still ain't a celebrity; dead or alive. If the other pools were all jumping off a cliff we wouldn't do that either.

Spoken from the "Zach Love Handbook of Deadpool Commissionership." I can remember a time, years ago, when the O.B.E. Guys publicly and embarrassingly bowed down to Love's "mustard cutting brilliance," using similar terms after one of his many meltdowns and threats to disappear. Was that your handiwork, Matt? Love also enjoyed pointing out others' arrogance and condescending ways -- when there is truly no person on earth more arrogant and condescending than him -- especially when he couldn't come up with a better argument to prove a silly point. But no big deal: I mean, look what happened to that putz, anyway. In truth, there was nothing even the slightest bit arrogant or condescending in either of my two e-mails on this topic.

(Speaking of Love, it appears that I'll have to settle for the points that me and many others earned for picking that "not-a-celebrity" Ferlin Husky in the games I entered this year over at his formerly owned, one of those "fucking sheep" you mention.)

I'll take solace, Matt, in thinking that your unwarranted personal attack-mode tone, with some foul language thrown in for good measure, only means that you know deep down that you "guys" made one big error on this Ferlin Husky call. Much like the way one of the other guys said in his Jan. 12 e-mail reply to me: "Perhaps we missed the mark." Not to beat a dead horse, or in this case, a dead Husky, but it's incongruous to count Gerry Rafferty and not to count Ferlin Husky. But so be it.

And again, who, exactly, is June Foray? ;-) Talk about saying "who?" about what are supposedly easily known deadpool picks, where you discern between fame and celebrity.

I'll agree wholeheartedly that the O.B.E. brings something more to the table; it's a shame that sometimes it's barely edible. In fact, today, it tastes like shit.

Dude... in regards to whatever happens over at stiffs, I could care less, honestly; and have never partaken in that party, but thanks for the vote of confidence. Seems you may have an axe to grind over there; do me a favor and check it at the doorway to our corner of the web.

As for not coming up with a better argument; you are ill informed. It's not an argument. An argument would be the type of discussion where you'd stand a chance of winning. That is not the case here. By playing in our pool (for free by the way; you're welcome) you agree to us being the fucking final word on the who's who skinny.

As for not believing that your two previous emails were neither condescending nor arrogant; you stick to that story son.

And if you think your response was any different than plenty others that I have penned over the last decade, I encourage you to look over the mailbag archives from previous years; you'll find out that you are nothing special at all. It's my way, either love it or hate it, I could care less. Out of the two Guys; yes, I am the dick; such is life. If you re-read our rules on how and what we consider a celeb, I believe that you will find nothing incongruous regarding our ruling on Husky (and Foray for that matter). We clearly state that we were two guys that got baby-sat by the TV in the 70s. If you mistook 1970s cartoons for the Grand Ol' Oprey; well that is probably why you chose Husky rather than Foray. We flat out told you what we consider our frames of reference and how we determine a celeb. You rolled the dice and went for it; and lost. That's craps for ya. Perhaps if you joined Bubba's & Bufords Jim Neighbor's Death Watch your choice would have been valid.

MI, it seems that you are really not having a good time playing our little game and that you take things a bit too personally, if you'd like we can delete your entry and we can part company; really, I don't mind - just let us know. If it tastes like shit and barely edible, you should brush your teeth and probably mosey on without us.

I'll not sign my name too... I hear all the cool kids are doing it...

PS: as for the semi-yearly meltdown to ditch the pool, once again you missed your mark; that's a Steve issue as well - probably from dealing with too many shitty ungrateful players... wonder where the fuck that comes from, huh?

Now MI...

Let's not go to pieces here. Sure Matt got a little passionate about the whole Ferlin Husky thing, just like we have about the whole Ronnie "The Hawk" Hawkins thing. And sure he cursed like a sailor and came-off a bit irritated. But MI, we get people complaining and "told ya so"-ing" all the time. ALL THE TIME! It kinda gets tired. Unlike the aforementioned (which remains a very good pool might we add), we don't charge entry, we don't make any money, and sometimes we end up in the red at the end of the year. We do this because we think its fun and funny. It entertains US to entertain you (as in "vous" not "tu" evidently). Sure we're "into it," but it's simply not all that serious to us. Additionally, we've made clear to EVERYONE, REPEATEDLY 1) that we'll be the sole deciding factors on "Celebrity" in this pool, period; 2) that if you can't accept that fact, you shouldn't join; and 3) that we REALLY don't want to hear complaints about it. Then we went ahead and posted a slew of "safe names" just so folks wouldn't feel ripped off and so they could see where we were heading. Then we changed the rules to give further insight into our thinking and our biases. Yes, we know we have biases. Everyone has biases. Fer shit's sake, we've made that abundantly clear. It's now simply part of the game.

It's obvious that you would prefer a more objective criteria. We can certainly understand that desire. But if that's what you're looking for, don't join here (heck, start your own!). And listen, we don't mean that in a nasty way (really!). We were glad to see you back this year after disappearing for several years. However, we're beginning to think YOU would have been a happier fellow staying away. MI, if we sat down and bit into something that "tastes like shit," we'd stop eating.

As for your unfortunate fight with Zach Love, we'll stay out of that. We have no beef with him nor the pool he once ran (in fact, he was once a pretty decent guy to us at our very beginning) and we really have no beef with you. We stand by our comments about then and now. As for Matt's response to you, it's totally in line with our thinking and with our sometimes irreverent, nasty, and over the top senses of humor. At its best our website is a humorous look into the human condition (and it ain't often at its best) and at its most basic it's just a goofy-ass Dead Pool that makes us giggle as we drink beer and play online poker.

Not everything is fight or a high school debate. Take a sedative, kick back and put on a Ferlin Husky record.

What? You don't own any? Figures.

Just sending my support to ya after the Ferlin Husky 'incident'. I think Mirich was having a bad day. If not he's welcome to bugger off. We love this site and the Guys because they are different to the others. Even if we complain about something we do it tongue-in-cheek. Like the Guys have repeated said over these years - if ya don't like the rules go elsewhere!

Matt needs a hug now.......

So how come you guys give credit for Ruby Mohammad's death, but she did not get an AP mention *anywhere*. The only online mentions of her death are in the WikiDeaths and her Wiki page and a local obit in the Sacramento Bee. Please explain your counting this death.

Ya know, you may have a point here. Give us a little bit to look into this.

I am assuming that my previous email regarding Ruby Muhammad not being counted any longer did not sway you at all. Well...I feel the least you guys can do is move the alternate up to the list to replace Ruby Muhammad. After all...Ruby Muhammad was on the accepted Celebrity list and the 5 players that had her should not lose a celebrity. What do you guys say? Is this a reasonable compromise?

Previous email? We didn't see a previous email....

Anyway, we feel your pain. Really. We believe Ruby is a celebrity. However, the rules clearly require that the death be reported in the AP. IT hasn't been to date. If that happens before year end, she'll count. If not, she won't count. The AP recognition is at the core of the definition. We simply can't budge on that.

I was reading the MAILBAG and saw the unpleasant exchange with MI RICH. It surely is unfortunate that someone has to give you such grief over a Non-Celebrity like Verlon Husky or is it Forlorne Husky or Fucking Husky, whatever his name is. Anyway, I noticed that his entry is not on the ENTRIES page. Looks like you removed it. Good for you. I can understand someone requesting that you guys reconsider a decision but to go on like MI Rich and give you guys so much grief is so childish. Who needs that MI Rich.

Hey, M.I. Rich has a right to his opinion and we can take "it" just as well as we can dish "it" out. As for his list, it's up, just not under that name. We may have little quarrels with players but we're not gonna go all censorship on their asses over Ferlin Huskey.

Just came across the site lads. Lovin it. Some friends and I in Ireland have a similar private league running - The Steve Irwin Perpetual Cup. named after it's first spot. we run ours slightly differently. points are awarded on a similar basis depending on degree of fame but we work on a 1st to call / SMS the RIP in gets bonus points. we also have our yearly predictions and the basic rule is if you dubmest friend wouldn't know the victim it don't count.

Keep up the good work.

PS couple of glaring omissions from your list:

Nelson Mandela
Fidel Castro

Man are we late responding to your email! Regardless, thanks for the kind words about the site. It's a labor of love (sort of). We always appreciate when folks enjoy it.

KAREN (In response to news of our server problems):
Hi guys - I'll have beer for you. I knew Verizon (and other ISPs ) could care less about our stiff lists. At least we have the facebook page . Will you count our website as a celebrity, should it die? After all, it's been on CNN and other news programs...

Don't worry Karen. We're already working a solution (and having a beer).

KAY (In response to news of our server problems):
The beer is cold at my place - come on over ^_^

If you lived closer we would. That would be the last time you'd offer we're pretty sure!

Ha. Or you may just find that you never want to come back!

Seriously though..... if you ever come to Oz you'd be welcome.

Have a great weekend.

My name is Amara, and I'm writing a story for the Columbia News Service on celebrity death pools. I'm going to be interviewing the people involved with (that I see you have been influenced by), but I wanted to reach out to you, as well. I wasn't sure if you'd feel comfortable doing a phone interview about what you do and why you do it. If you have any suggestions on other people to talk to, as well, it would be appreciated.

Let me know if you have any time today or tomorrow, if possible, or what times work best for you in general if you're willing to chat.

Sure we'll chat. Heck, we'll even chatter, chuckle and chortle. Perhaps we'll even chew the fat. Here's the deal.....

There are two Guys at the O.B.E. We only do interviews together (this way we avoid the dreaded Prisoner's Dilemma). One of us is in NJ and the other is in FL. That means a conference call will be needed. We can probably float the technology for such a call if you can't. However, with the tuition you're likely shelling out at Columbia for grad school, we believe they should provide you a conference line. Hmm, and an expense account. Yes! They should provide you an expense account. We're willing to go on the record about that! Invite the Dean for the call and we'll straighten all that out.

We're thinking that tomorrow night (say around 8:07 pm) or Thursday night (perhaps around 8:03 pm) would work best. We're open to other times but please make sure that they end in a prime number. Let us know if you wish to contact us or if we need to contact you. If you need our contact numbers, they are:

Steve: ###.###.#### Matt: ###.###.####

We'll try to keep things light and happy, but keep in mind we're still pretty shaken up about the whole Liz Taylor thing. We're just not sure we'll ever smile again. We'll try to subdue our uncontrolled weeping for the interview however.

Finally, but no less importantly, we have a long standing policy of boycotting the International House of Pancakes. Don't bother calling us if you plan on drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes at some IHOP while you pump us for information (like you reporter-types are prone to do). We'll know it. We'll sense the crappy business hours and lousy service from miles away. We hate the IHOP (we even hate that they call it IHOP). If you want pancakes or hash browns as you talk to us, try a Perkins or a Denny's. Heck, have your slouch roommate flap up some griddle cakes and brew some joe. Whatever it takes. Just stay the heck outta that blue, slanted roofed slice of hell.

Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. A "scrum of police"? What the heck? Were they playing Rugby? You're not going to talk to us all funny like that during the interview we hope.

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so not only am I not eating at an IHOP, I actually don't know where I would find one if I wanted to. Also, I'm primarily a sportswriter and while working at the Boston Globe had to cover a hockey game for the paper. I called the desk later that night for edits and the editor on the line asked me if the goal I had witnessed was a "scrum" goal. A baseball and basketball gal myself, I told him I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. He then proceeded to explain it. Glad we've gotten that out of the way.

On that note, tonight I'm in a sportswriting class from 6 p.m. until about 9 p.m., so that won't work. Tomorrow evening I'm free though. Friday is the Red Sox first game at 4 p.m., so I won't even pretend that I'm available for that. Unfortunately, since not only am I going into journalism and shelled out a lot of money for tuition, I'm without money and don't have a conference line. Sigh. I've never three-way called anyone, however, my friend Mike does it all the time just like in those scenes from Mean Girls, so if you know how to do that, fantastic.

Whatever works best for you.

We'll call you at 8:03 then on Thursday. We'll figure out the whole conference thing. "Scrum," indeed.

THE GUYS (following the interview):

Thanks for your interest in the O.B.E. and for taking time out of your drinking schedule to interview The Guys at the O.B.E. Please remember to let us know once you publish and where we can find the article so that we can direct our players/Death Watchers to the article. Also, should you ever be on stage ready to accept the Pulitzer Prize, remember to scream out "I play the O.B.E. Memorial Celebrity Death Watch you f'ers! What do you do?" Please.

THE GUYS (Following the article publication):
Saw the article posted and just wanted to say thanks! We appreciate you taking the time to interview us and including our little piece of the web in your article.

Stay outta IHOPs!

The article can be found here

Are the postings now “dead”? No update since 8.7.11? You guys must be busy.

Soon. Very soon.

This year is 100% rigged. We can't believe that team exo/zuzu is not winning when we are the champions, and the best players by far. We have never gotten our due in spite of all our genius picks.

Just wait, all our awesome picks will be on everyones list next year and we'll lose out on tiepoints, because everyone realizes how amazing we are, and they need to follow our lead.

Very displeased.

Man, we missed you guys.

What is the policy on a scheduled death if there is currently no scheduled death as of January first but before December 31st the party is tried, condemned, and ultimately executed? I'm considering Hosni Mubarek for my 2012 list but I'm worried that may be the fate that befalls him and he'd get nullified. Please let me know before the 30th, when i finalize the list, though at the rate my 2012 picks are dropping before the new year, I'll be reworking the list before then. Thanks!

Very good question! The intent of the "No death row" clause is to ensure folks don't list people who are already scheduled for execution. If Hosni makes it to 2012 without being condemned to death, then we suppose we'd have to count him as a valid pick if he later is condemned to death and killed. Your question will likely lead to a clarification of future rules. We appreciate that!

What is the current paypal address for donations for the 2012 dead pool?


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