The Guys' Picks!

(Same list as 2009 since we didn't get a single hit)

1. JUNE FORAY- Gee Bullwinkle, it's kinda dark in here.

2. DOC SEVERINSEN - Dear Doc: May need same soon.

3. PETER GRAVES - What an easy anagram! (Died 3/14/10)

4. ANGELA LANSBURY - Gal as old as time....

5. FESS PARKER - Stopped him a heart when he was eighty-five. (Died 3/18/10)

6. JONATHON WINTERS - And we're thinking he winters in Forrest Lawn.

7. ELIE WIESEL - Night, night.

8. ROGER MOORE - For closed eyes only.


10. MARTY ALLEN - Ya know, your hair keeps growing after you, well, ya know...

11. PATRICK MACNEE - Let's give 'em something to avenge, whadda ya say Patrick?

12. LYNDON LAROUCHE - His movements have been quite irregular you know.

13. JOHN GLENN - 3...2...1...

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