The Guys' Picks!
I'm stiff

1. POPE JOHN PAUL II - If he doesn't go this year, you ought to consider converting! Died 4/2/05

2. LADY BIRD JOHNSON - There's nothing like a good stiff Johnson.

3. MITCH MILLER - And a one, and a two, and a ugggghhhhgrr.

4. ART LINKLETTER - Kids say the darndest things; like, "He has no pulse"

5. CHARLES LANE - We're looking for life in the past Lane.

6. ROSA PARKS - We're hoping Rosa has to take a ride in the back of the vehicle this time. Died 10/24/05

7. MAX SCMELLING - TKO! Died 2/2/05

8. EDDIE ALBERT - Maybe Forest Lawn is actually the place to be Eddie. Died 5/26/05

9. JOE BARBERA - You'd make a pretty funky phantom Joe.

10. MARY TRAVERS - Where have all the hippies gone, long time passing?

11. JAMES DOOHAN - Running a little low on dilithium crystals there Scotty? Died 7/20/05

12. TED "DOUBLE DUTY" RADCLIFFE - Yer out! Died 8/8/05

13. HELEN GURLEY BROWN - Death and the single girl.

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