The Guys' Picks!
I'm stiff

1. DARREN MCGAVIN - How about we rerun Dean Martin's Christmas Story this year Darren?

2. ART LINKLETTER - Kids say the darndest things; like, "Why'd he stop breathing?"

3. BARNARD HUGHES - We sure hope you know a revive spell Mr. Merlin.

4. RONALD REAGAN - Dude, even the Soviet Union fell eventually. Cut us a break. (Died 6/5/04)

5. MITCH MILLER - Sing along with Mitch. Uh, gee, by yourself is fine too.

6. CHARLES LANE - It's a wonderful death too Chuckles.

7. SIMON WIESENTHAL - Simon says "gasp, gurgle, thud."

8. EDDIE ALBERT - We just adore a graveside view.

9. JOE BARBERA - Scooby, dooby, doo where are you? We've got a viewing to attend now.

10. ROSA PARKS - We're thinking she'll throw it in neutral too.

11. POPE JOHN PAUL II - There are 193 very anxious Cardinals. Of course that may just be the lawsuits.

12. GERALD FORD - You've nailed the "I've fallen" part. How about working on the "I can't get up" now.

13. LADY BIRD JOHNSON - Bye-bye birdie.

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