The Guys' Picks!
I'm stiff

1. BOB HOPE - Dude, we're starting to get a little pissed. (DIED 7/28/03)

2. STROM THURMOND- Had he been elected in '48 maybe he'd be dead already. (DIED 6/26/03)

3. WARREN ZEVON - That whole Commisson about Kennedy really bugged us Warren.(DIED 9/7/03)

4. LEVI STUBBS - It's the same old song, with a different meaning now...

5. J.D. SALINGER - Bye, bye Rye guy.

6. LADY BIRD JOHNSON - Bird. Johnson. Talk about perverted parents.

7. RONALD REAGAN - How could we forget Ron.

8. MADAME CHIANG KAI-SHEK - Enough Already. (DIED 10/23/03)

9. POPE JOHN PAUL II - He may be the only guy left in the Church soon.

10. SARAH BRADY - Hates guns, loves smokes.

11. RONNIE BIGGS - He was a Great Train Robber but he's not such a healthy prisoner.

12. TED "DOUBLE DUTY" RADCLIFFE - His first duty was baseball. We're banking on his second.

13. ART CARNEY - Hey Norton! Hey, Norton? Hey....Norton. Norton....(DIED 9/9/03)

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