The boys at play
The Guys at the O.B.E.
pick a few could be stiffs for 2001

1. DUDLEY MOORE - Arthur just gags and weases.

2. JOHN GOTTI SR.- And we're truly are sorry about this one. Really. We swear.

3. BORIS YELTSIN - Prost.......Toast!!!!

4. STROM THURMOND- Come on already.

5. BILLY WILDER - Well, at least quieter and motionless.

6. LENI REIFENSTAHL - One wrong don't make a Reich.

7. MADAME CHIANG KAI-SHEK - "They call me Madame. Actually, they call me sawdust panties."

8. RONALD REAGAN - Well......

9. TED WILLIAMS - 'Cause it's one, two, three strikes.........

10. LADY BIRD JOHNSON - We should have known, this bird has flown.

11. CHUCK JONES - Rabbit Season, Chuck Season.

12. POPE JOHN PAUL II - Or you can take what's in the box where Karol is lying.

13. BOB HOPE - Yeah, we hope too Bob.

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