The boys at play
The Guys at the O.B.E.
pick a few could be stiffs for 2000

1. CHARLES SCHULZ - It's a funeral Charlie Brown. DIED 2/13/00

2. JOHN CARDINAL O'CONNOR - Sure to be a goner. DIED 5/3/00

3. BORIS YELTSIN - You can only be hospitalized so many times!

4. BUDDY EBSEN - Jed is dead.

5. JOEY BISHOP- The Pope, the Cardinal, why not the Bishop?

6. DUDLEY MOORE - More booze, More neural damage, Moore likely to go.

7. MADAME CHIANG KAI-SHEK - What the heck!

8. RONALD REAGAN - Look what they've done to my oatmeal.

9. JIMMIE DAVIS - Jimmie is a gimmie. DIED 11/5/00

10. EDWARD TELLER - The H bomb feller.

11. JERRY LEWIS - Hey Dean, Oh Dean!

12. POPE JOHN PAUL II - He'll be stew.

13. BOB HOPE - How couldn't we.

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